The River of Time, A Collection of Short Stories

This collection of 17 short stories deals with the Japanese American experience in the internment camps, the veterans who volunteered to fight in Europe and the Pacific and the possibilities of life beyond the camps and the aftermath of WWII.

Westward Lies the Sun

Greg Sonoda, a Japanese American attorney, embarks on a quest to determine what influence God has in his life. In the back of his mind is the question, first and foremost, of whether God exists at all. God is such an elusive concept to a humanist, who, from his earliest years, was made to question God’s very existence-he suffered in the concentration camps for the duration of WWII-and he doubts his efforts will ever come to fruition. 

The Last Fox A Novel of the 100th442nd RCT

The Last Fox is a first-of-its-kind work of military fiction that dramatizes the exploits of the legendary all-Nisei “Go For Broke” Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit in U.S. military history that saw action in Italy and France during WWII. Sgt. Fred Murano, the last of the Four Foxes known for their expertise in knocking out the feared MG-42 German machine gun nests, must fight the war on two fronts: the Nazis on the battlefields and racism at home.